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Sewing Tools

Any alterations possible. All fittings and measurements will be done on 

Wednesdays and Saturday all day. 

Image by Thibault Penin

Ugg boots | Cleaning | Repair

Wedding Dress on Headless Mannequin
Wedding Gowns 

Cleaning | Preservation 

Leather Workshop
Specialty Fabrics

Leather | Suede | Fur | Silk

Folded Bedding on Tatami Mat

Comforters | Sheets | Shams | Blankets

Sewing Machine

Tablecloths | Draperies | Napkins | Rugs | Carpets

Same day service

We offer same day dry cleaning service at any of our locations if we get your clothes by 10am you will get them back after 3pm. 

Free Pick up and Delivery 

Call or email us to set up your pick up and delivery!

Please contact us for questions and or special requests. 

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